Working with The Thought Shifter

“I started working with Theresa because I was looking for someone to support me in developing my business. Growing my business means growing personally and that’s what Theresa knows at heart. She has been both my mentor and buddy, cheering me on and holding me accountable in order to keep me moving forward.

“During my time with her I’ve learned about the importance of self-forgiveness. For me, it has been the key to more joy and ease in my business. What I also really loved about working with Theresa is that she walks her talk. And she’s completely transparent about where she is herself in the process. In her openness and honesty, she’s a huge role model for me.”

Carolien van den Akker
Transformational Coaching and Carolien.TV


“I was feeling confident but searching, as I believe in constant development and life-long learning. I was already well on the path of change and development through reflection, but saw working with you as a valuable opportunity to access your valuable services.

“Giving you access to my head, heart and gut is not something to be taken lightly, though because I like and believe in you as a person, as well as your ideals, this was easy to give.

“What I liked working about you was YOU! Also, through your body language, voice and the right amount of freedom in conversation, you create a safe environment for clients to be open, explore and develop.”

Morgan de Koning-Ward
Founding Owner, Clean Laundry


“As an empathetic person, and one who has been through a lot of trauma, I wanted to help others more than myself and although I was offering advise to lots of people, I realised I needed to focus on myself first. Determination is what helped me recover after my stroke, so I am now determined to love myself more. I knew Theresa had also been through an emotional, mental and physical journey, so I valued her work.

“Because I was always thinking about others’ happiness and how I could make their lives happier, you explained how, although that is important, I needed to focus on my own happiness first, then help others. I have worked though a lot of physical and emotional challenges in my recovery after my stroke and it was time to focus on my mental fitness, and cut out a lot of unneeded stuff which took my energy and stressed me out.

“Although I had no resistance to working with you, there was some resistance to what you had suggested, but the fact that you explained there would be some made it ok that I experienced it. I know you took on board what I said and felt, and understood when things didn’t go as planned. I liked that I felt like I was accountable to you, and that helped me with my tasks. I felt you got that mistakes do happen, but that I can always start again!”

Claire Rail
Group Exercise Manager
Nuffield Health


“Working with you felt safe, as no matter where I was in a moment, the connection was made. You know how to get the the sore point and I like how you use your own experiences in life to relate to it.

“Working with you made it so clear to me how much we are conditioned and that there is only one base to return to — our heart, our being. You made me feel like coming home, which has inspired me to continue getting closer to who I truly am deep down in my core.”
Aylin Hoogerheide-Turkmenilli
Owner, Intuitive Life Coach
BandT Consultancy