About Me


My name is Theresa Fowler and I’m The Thought Shifter, author, self love and wellness mentor, and founder of Crone Fashionistas.

After my father’s passing almost 10 years ago, I was awoken to the power within myself after losing 100lbs, reversing type 2 diabetes and other illnesses, and overcoming decades of depression, alcoholism and drug abuse. During this journey I threw myself into the study of personal development and became a practitioner in reflexology, reiki Seichem, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), nutrition, weight loss and mindset coaching.

However, my journey has been anything but easy though, because during this time I also experienced extreme stress after a marriage breakdown that included a period of homelessness, a slipped disc in my neck and paralysis for almost two years, and burnout.

In January 2016 I experienced what I now know was a ‘dark night of the soul’, which is where I began an energetic shift from living in my head to my heart and finally FEELING self love.

After that EVERYTHING in my life changed. Toxic relationships were released. I was able to stop people pleasing without feeling guilty. I stopped striving for perfection. I began attracting beauty in my life without ‘trying’. My new book started downloading from inspiration. My intuition became stronger. I could see synchronicity in everything and began reading people’s emotions through their feet. I was manifesting soul connections that are pure love.

I started to feel my own worth.

From where I stand now, I understand that my soul’s purpose is to support other women in nurturing themselves first during their so-called ‘change of life’ so that they feel good in their own bodies, look good in whichever way they choose, have fun being who they are and use their voice to share with the world the exquisiteness of their souls.


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