What It Takes To Stand In Your Power

To stand in your power, it takes just one thing — proclamation.

So, I am now declaring that I am standing in my power.

I’m standing in my power for the way I intuitively guide my clients to understand the mental and emotional blocks that are making them feel stuck or lost.

I’m standing in my power for the way I then support them in shifting their thoughts so that they break through said blocks to uncover the self love, happiness and joy waiting to unleash inside of them.

But it has taken me years to get to this point of confidence because of one thing — trust.

In my past existencefor it wasn’t real living, I hated myself.

I hated my bulging, cellulited, rotund flesh: “Why can’t I look pretty like everyone else?” is a question I would torture myself with.

I hated my frizzy, out-of-control hair: “Why can’t it be straight and silky like everyone else’s?” is a question that plagued me.

I hated my constantly challenged mind: “Why don’t I think like everyone else does?” is a question that caused much distress.

I hated living.

And then I made the difficult choice to change.

It’s ALL About Trust

Soon after I began building confidence and creating a life I would rather live, and I came to realise that something greater than me was supporting me in achieving these outcomes — the Universe.

The support of the Universe allowed me to lose 100lbs, overcome chronic fatigue and burnout, and extract myself from the corporatocracy structure that was killing me. The support of the Universe allowed me to start leading by example to help others in breaking through their own barriers. The support of the Universe taught me how to TRUST.

The fact that the Universe is a much bigger conscious entity than me means it must know what it’s doing. And the fact that I’m a part of the Universe (which I trust implicitly) means I had to trust that my being here has a real purpose.

So now I deeply and completely love, accept and honour myself (most days!), because if the Universe wants me to be here, it’s for a reason.

And you’re here for a reason too!

Book a 30-minute no-obligation Thought Shift session with them, that will plant the seeds of trust for you so you’ll begin to put yourself first, open your heart to self love and reconnect to your reason, your joy.

Schedule Appointment

Make the choice (for it’s a choice to make)…

I look forward to our call!

With love,



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One thought on “What It Takes To Stand In Your Power

  1. Away cool! That trust thing…always a challenge for us,especially when many around us are reflecting feelings of being betrayed. Thanks for breaking free!


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