When Did You Start Believing That You Weren’t Enough?

So, I’ll ask you the question again: “When DID you start believing that you weren’t enough?

Just two weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity of my first international speaking gig, standing at the front of a room full of beautiful, inspiring and creative changemakers who are all taking action on their life’s purpose to create a better world for all living beings here on earth at the Project Positive Change Visibility and Possibility seminar in Amsterdam.

Yes, really… ME!

And then of course, the shitty head talk appeared:

“Why would anyone want to hear what you have to say anyway?”

“What can you possibly share with them that they don’t already know?”

But I knew I had to stop listening to that noise, because I had agreed to do it and couldn’t disappoint anyone. So I rocked up in my red boots and giant hair flower and I owned it. (I was asked during my photoshoot on the day if I had a problem standing out in public, LOL!)

And they loved it.


But then…

After the excitement of the weekend had died down and I read the social media posts of the truly amazing women I had met and connected with during the event, something really huge made me take note:

Not only do we women, as a collective, have a very difficult time in looking after our own best interests first and focussing on our best qualities above all else, but even these amazing female leaders — who are creating, supporting each other and working together to realise the change the world needs to move forward — even these female leaders have a difficult time in believing that they are enough.


Which got me thinking:

When did we start believing that we weren’t enough?

When did you start believing you weren’t enough?

Regardless of whether you know the answer or not…

Enough is enough!

The fact that you are even on this planet, in this moment, right now, means you’re enough.

The fact that you woke up this morning and are still breathing means you’re enough.

The fact that you’re reading this means you’re enough.

It’s time to stop wasting sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (did you get the emphasis?) much energy thinking otherwise. That kind of thinking is not doing anyone — especially you! — or anything ANY favours.

So, I dare you to go to the mirror NOW, look yourself right in the eyes and declare to yourself:

“I AM enough!”

Go on… do it RIGHT NOW!



With love,


P.S. If you’re feeling any resistance and are in need of some support to help you even get to the mirror, I’m always here to help.

Just reply “Get me there!” in the comments and we’ll have a chat.


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6 thoughts on “When Did You Start Believing That You Weren’t Enough?

  1. It is sad seeing so many women think they’re not enough and catching myself with those thoughts occasionally too.
    Thank you


  2. The shoes! The hair flower! The bundled-up excitement of you! Amazing!

    The not-enough thing: Childhood. Catholic Church. I took that guilt trip seriously! Long journey from there to here. But I’m here, still dragging my resistance, but much more aware of it so I can short-circuit it most of the time. Continuous quality transformation!

    Go, Theresa!

    PS, if this is a duplicate comment, my apologies, but I had to re-login in to WordPress.com and I can’t tell if the original went through.


    1. Yes Joanne, took me decades to shed my Catholic guilt trip as well… and no need to drag your resistance around with you. You’re aware it’s there, simply give yourself permission to release it… it really is that easy. ♥


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