What You Need To Do To Take Better Care Of Yourself

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Yes I’ve been quiet.

Moving back to London after three years of living on the continent has not been a smooth process.

First, the place I was expecting to live turns out not to be the ‘home’ I thought it would be. After several months of working with my amazing mentor Jean in intense personal study and reflection, I now see that expectation leads to attachment, which leads to disappointment. Note taken.

So where the hell am I ‘supposed’ to be? I’m not ‘supposed to’ be anywhere if I’m choosing to make my own destiny. Yet another attachment. Again, note taken.

Then all my tech broke down… literally within 48 hours, the wifi router, laptop and phone battery decided not to play. And I was locked out of this site and Skype. When I was ‘supposed’ to be co-hosting a webinar. Oooooooh… there’s that attachment thing again.

And I’ve been sick for the first time in two years, with a chest infection of all things. Which turns out, according to Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, to be connected to a lack of joy.

As is my usual pattern when I’m in deep transformation, I shut down to the outside. But that just means I’ve been attached to the old way I used to behave. It was a divine bitchslap when I was led to become aware of my lack of joy. Yes, most days I now live in a state of happiness, because I’ve changed my mindset to appreciate being alive, which allows me to feel gratitude in my heart.

But joy is something completely different.

When I’m in joy, I wouldn’t have worried about disappointing those who signed up for the webinar, because it could easily be rescheduled. When I’m in joy I wouldn’t have fretted about having to take a couple of days away from social media because the wifi wasn’t working… I’d have read a good book instead (which I eventually ended up doing). When I’m in joy, I wouldn’t have freaked out about where in the world I’m going to spend my time next, because even as kid I always considered myself a citizen of the world, so why not just live that dream?

See, I’m just like you in that I’ve got my own processes to deal with. That’s life. Nothing is ever perfect.

However, I’ve also been on this personal awareness road for a while now, so have figured out some shortcuts, paved my own paths and have the know-how to guide others on theirs much faster than I did.

Yes, I’m The Thought Shifter, but I’m also an intuitive who can see who you really are.

If you’re ready to shift your thoughts to put yourself first, open your heart to self love and reconnect with your joy, I have a something special just for you.

Respond with a HELLO in the comments and I’ll be in touch very soon.

With love,



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