Who Would You BE?

Here’s a question for you:

Who would you be if you gave yourself permission to feel confident, trust what you inner voice was saying (because she’s always trying to speak to you!), and choose joy above all else?

If you’re at the point in your life where you’re feeling exhausted, irritable, on the point of burnout, and wondering if things will keep getting worse, then read on…

If you feel like hiding away, you fear aging (badly) and tired of feeling obligated to serve the needs of others, then read on…

Show Yourself Some Love This Valentine’s Day

This Wednesday 14 February (at 7.30pm GMT), join me and my great friend and colleague Fiona Clark, The Midlife Reinvention Coach, for our interactive and informal chat on how to Indulge In Your Magnificence.

Fiona and I connected because our stories of pain, chronic illness and mental struggle, leading on to paths of personal development, physical and emotional were quite similar. Through sharing our wisdom and rich life experience with each other, we realised the power and motivation we had to help others do the same.

And so Indulge In Your Magnificence was created.

On Wednesday’s webinar we will help you to:

  • Discover why calming your busy mind helps to reconnect to your body
  • Understand how pleasing others creates distance in trusting in yourself
  • Reveal why feeling lost, sick and/or exhausted need not be your normal
  • Understand how your mind depletes your power — and how you can change it

We hope you can join us for this powerful and life affirming discussion… it’s never too late to recreate yourself!

Join us here: Indulge In Your Magnificence webinar


With love,



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