What Are You Here To Create?

Your purpose as a human being is to create.

Whether that be through writing (like me), painting, singing, taking photographs, cooking, crafting dancing, birthing other humans — whatever the creation may be, your purpose it to allow its flows outward from your soul in service to others.

Creation is what being a human is all about.

Our creative expression as women is our most valuable asset, because it not only feeds our souls, but also has the potential to feed the hunger of others in need of what it is that we possess.

When we give life to our creativity, it gives us LOVE in return. Then we can use that love to share with others.

This is how our souls feels fulfilled.

It’s a win-win for all life.

It is also your purpose to value your divine gifts. For it is not the quality or quantity of what you create that is as important as the act of creating itself. This is your recognition of the value of your divine gifts.

Pay no attention to the nay-sayers who would rather you believe your creative ideas are futile and useless: this reminds me of a recent incident in which I met a beautiful artist who, through being made redundant, was using her time to draw again.

She shared that her new drawings were completely different to what she had drawn when she was in her youth. Her new art was incredibly detailed and beautiful. But she also shared that when she chose to show her sister and friends these amazing pieces, their comments were disparaging and she had taken this to heart, not really wanting to share their beauty.

This was having the effect of pouring toxic sludge on her reborn creativity.

I suggested she only show her art to those who would truly appreciate it, who would support her in nurturing her creativity. Who would sing back to her soul expression.

The feeling she possessed was not so much a fear of failure that her art isn’t good enough so much as fear of success that it is.

At present we don’t have enough examples of women doing their art successfully, so we fear it and instead lose ourselves in distractions like jobs (which are only truly beneficial to management and shareholders), relationships, feelings of shame and lack of uncertainty.

I have been guilty of allowing all of these to distract me from my creativity in the past.

But now I know my creativity is what makes my soul sing.

And it also helps others do the same.

So what are you going to create today?

Let me know in the comments below.

With love,



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3 thoughts on “What Are You Here To Create?

  1. Well, I’m just chilling for the rest of the evening here in the coastal range of Oregon, USA, but tomorrow, I’ll be expanding my stories about my conversations with my soul. It’s a writing project. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


      1. Nowhere at the moment. Ive left them in the ether while I prep for Jean’s 30-day intensive. Working my way through her map Your Life course. Great insights so far. How are you liking London?


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