What I’ve Learned About Patience

Believe me when I say that I know it’s really difficult not to beat yourself up when it comes to being patient. Especially when it looks like others are just getting on with it and you feel as if you’re walking through mud (I was walking through mud in a dream the other night… and although it felt quite good and I was playfully squishing my toes in the mud, all I could hear was my inner critic saying: “Yeah, but that’s going to be a nightmare to clean up” — IN MY DREAM!).

I get it. We’ve literally been programmed to think that there’s always something wrong with what we’re doing because whatever isn’t happening or didn’t end up the way we wanted it to.

And it’s difficult for your mind to not wonder what it is that you’re doing wrong.

But the Universe knows all.

And it’s always working FOR you, not against you — no matter what your mind thinks.

Patience is a lesson that I had to learn when I took responsibility of the chaos I was attracting in my outer life whilst ‘trying’ so hard to work on my inner life.

I wanted to be able to do some meditating, go to yoga, eat organic and do perhaps a spot of mirror work to get me raising my vibration. And of course, these things did and still do help.

But the Universe works on divine timing, it had a MUCH bigger lesson for me to learn —and I had to surrender to being more patient.

A-HA hint: it’s not so much about working on self love, it’s about BEING love. That’s the trick. So simple, yet so difficult at the same time.

What does need working on is allowing yourself the time, energy and space to just be.

This is something many of us find difficult, because we don’t take the time out for ourselves to just breathe into ourselves. Really breathe.

That’s the investment needed to connect your physical body with your higher consciousness, who is always there to help you with help from the Universe.

And that works by being patient with yourself.

Keep going despite the obstacles.

Have faith that the Universe has your back.

Know that if you’re reading this you’re on the right path.

Be LOVE. ❤️



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