What’s The Difference Between Wisdom And Knowledge?

We are taught knowledge. Which follows on that knowledge is manmade.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary definition, knowledge is ‘facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education’.

However, our knowledge of things like borders, gender identity, race, religion, political preference, which are all manmade, are the things that divide us. And with division comes power in manipulation.

Entities such as governments, corporations and mainstream media provide the conditioning that causes knowledge to be manipulated into judgement. This conditioned knowledge, which we are all subjected to on a subconscious level, was the reason behind why I believed that I was not enough — because my soul never fit into what most considered ‘normal’.

I always felt like an outsider, even as a small child. But through fear of rejection, I had a desperate need to be accepted by everyone (who I thought was better than me), because I loathed my being, which meant that I ended up wasting time and energy with other self-sabotaging individuals rather than be on my own. How’s that for a vicious circle?

After years of trying to tow this line, I became obese, chronically sick and depressed. I now understand this was because I had completely disconnected from my body, like so many of us do, because of the constant lower vibrational conditioning.

My head was working overtime as the result of the conditioning. Filling it with useless judgements and criticisms of the outside, while at the same time the physical symptoms in my body were screaming at me to listen to the fact that those judgments and criticisms were actually about myself. This is my experience of knowledge manipulation.

But this is all head shit.

When what we truly need is some head shift.

Wisdom is born from loving discernment

As we are created from love, we are born into love.

Which basically means we are love.

But then the shift occurs…

The shift from our hearts to our heads, which we call knowledge.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is inspiring and divine.

And divinity is all about love.

Wisdom comes easily with you simply engage with self love and embody it on a cellular level. It took me so long to understand this, because I thought I knew what self love was (again, more head shit). But I was only understanding it as a concept. I wasn’t being self love.

When I made the head shift into my heart, wisdom literally started flooding into my body, reconnecting me to the ‘knowing‘ of everything within me.

This wisdom and divine knowing also awaits in you.

Have you experienced the shift? Let me know in the comments.

With love,



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