What To Do If You Feel Lost At Sea

This past week was one of those weeks.

I spent the time being challenged by rough seas. Quite literally.

Last weekend I travelled from the continent to visit friends in London by boat. OK, it was a giant cargo and passenger ferry from the Hoek van Holland, Netherlands to Harwich, England, but it was a trip I’ve done a few times before, so I had no problem visioning the overnight journey both ways in my comfortable cabin to arrive rested at each destination.

What I didn’t account for was the condition of the North Sea in November.

I have never suffered from sea sickness, so when the ferry swayed to and fro, forward and back in a not-so-rhythmic motion all night long on the first journey, I thought my feeling off when back on land was due to the fact that I only got about 2 hours’ sleep.

And it was only when I was in bed in London on the Saturday night that I realised I still felt like the boat was moving. But having been sleep deprived from the night before, I was more than tired so had a great rest in the end.

Then the same thing happened on the way back, only this time I managed just 1 hour of sleep.

And for 5 days my entire body, but especially my head, felt lost at sea.


Body Of Water

Being me, I consulted the interweb to see how long the boat moving feeling would last and apparently it is a ‘thing’ with women of a certain age. Which made complete sense to me as our bodies are made up of at least 75% water and during the physical, mental and spiritual transition we go through during this time on a cellular level, you can sometimes can feel like you’re being tossed about and lost at sea.

Feeling this way made it impossible for me to do what I had to do this week (like write 50 pages for my next book or post 2 blogs instead of ‘just this one’). So I really had no choice but to just accept that this was how I was feeling, instead of trying to push myself through it.

I now know this would have just caused more resistance. And sometimes our bodies just need a rest, so I chose to listen to the feeling.

By giving yourself permission to surrender to the feeling of not feeling yourself, you make an intention to remove the resistance that is causing you to feel the situation.

By giving yourself permission to surrender to the feeling, you make an intention to allow your old self to easily shift into a new space.

So there is good in every feeling — even the annoying and slightly nauseous ones.

And there is ALWAYS a good side, even if you don’t see it in the moment (I’ll share more about ‘the good side’ in everything in next week’s post).

With love,




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