What The Heck Is TMJ?

Every single one of my female clients who have come to me through my reflexology practice are suffering to some degree with jaw clinching, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder or TMJ.

These clients come from all walks of life — ranging from stay-at-home mums and grandmothers to corporate career women and entrepreneurs. But they all have TMJ in common.

I’ve become rather an expert in TMJ, having suffered from it myself. These days, I’m able to notice when something triggers me to clinch, but through regular relaxation practices, reflexology and yoga, it’s under control. Just over three years ago, though, when I was publishing my first book, the stress I was under made my TMJ so bad that it caused a cyst in my jaw, a slipped disc in my neck and paralysis in my left shoulder and arm.

Months of severe neck and shoulder pain, sleepless nights and costly visits to the cranial sacral osteopath followed.

TMJ can become a serious problem if not treated.

Through researching for the my latest book Breakdowns to Breakthroughs: The 7 Secrets That Keep You From Loving Yourself (out next month), I’ve come to learn that the reason why this is a challenge for so many women has to do with the throat chakra, which is our energetic point of communication.

Most women in the world today, regardless of their path, don’t stand up and speak their truth.

We don’t speak up if we are being bullied in the office.

We don’t speak up when some bloke makes a disrespectful comment.

We don’t speak up if someone shouts racist abuse at a fellow train passenger.

We don’t speak up in fear of being ridiculed or of upsetting others.

We don’t speak up if we’re angry in case we lose control.

We don’t speak up in case someone decides they don’t like us.

Not speaking up is a form of fear. And this fear has shut down our throat chakras.

If your throat chakra is unbalanced, not only can TMJ develop on a physical level, but you may also suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, thyroid issues, ear infections and sore throats.

Gossiping or talking too much, holding back your voice, being dogmatic, not expressing your thoughts and fear of speaking are just some of the personality traits that are caused by a throat chakra that is unbalanced.

Our throat chakras are also connected directly to our heart chakras, where our nurturing of self and wisdom lies. Hence the disconnect of loving ourselves fully. If we don’t allow ourselves to speak our truth, then our hearts know we aren’t being authentic.

Voices Carry

We have voices for a reason and I believe it’s high time we speak up so that our voices are heard.

As Crone Fashionistas, it is our mandate from the Universe to stand strong in our wisdom and speak our truth. The power of love and wisdom allows us to break down whatever walls we’ve built to protect ourselves so that we can speak and share our vulnerability in order to help others also find their truth.

So use your voice. Mother Gaia needs us to speak up now more than ever.

Are you with me?


P.S. If you’re interested in joining me for an online throat chakra cleansing session in the Crone Fashionistas Facebook group, type YES into the comments below to join us and I’ll set one up.



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