Who Is The Dark Goddess? The Answer Is You

This is a shout out to all Crone Fashionistas — it is time to reacquaint and embrace our true nature, which is strong, exquisite, joyful, knowing and wise.

The archetypes of the goddess trinity are The Maiden (the Virgin), The Mother and The Wise Woman (the Crone). Also known as The Dark Goddess, the Crone is the least understood and society over the centuries has turned her into the most feared (think old hags and witches being burnt at the stake).

However, the word Crone is derived from crown, which suggests wisdom emanating from the head like a halo. The Crone is an amazingly elegant being, beautiful of heart and wild in her knowing.

She steps out of the shadows of darkness (the ‘reality’ we have been led to believe is ours) to lead her way. She is a channel of the divine, the compassionate teacher who allows the truth of the Universe to flow through her

She is the wisdom keeper, a seer and a healer and a midwife. Her knowledge is sought out to guide others through their life’s hardships and transitions.

It has been said of the Ancient Greek Crone Baubo (pictured above):

“Baubo is a fun-loving, bawdy, jesting, sexually liberated — yet very wise — goddess who plays a crucial, healing role in the Eleusian mysteries of ancient Greece.”

The Crone is the Wise Woman, who knows her place in society and has the voice to share her message. Having spent years not ‘knowing my place’ in a society in which I was made to feel less than and having all sorts of health issues around speaking my truth (chronic throat infections, jaw cysts, TMJ and a slipped disc in my neck), now that my physical body is transitioning into this Crone phase with my energetic flashes of wisdom downloads (which I used to see as ‘hot flashes’ until I understood their divinity), I know my place in the universe and because of that am sharing my voice in the hope that my message helps others.

The divine Crone is me.

She is you.

If we so choose, we can use this gift to be more loving, beautiful and wise, especially to ourselves.

To embrace our gentle, soft and loving energy.

To balance our compassion.

To create your life for you.

With love,



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AKA The Thought Shifter, Author, Speaker, Mentor

4 thoughts on “Who Is The Dark Goddess? The Answer Is You

  1. Theresa, thank you so much for posting this truth.
    So many women don’t realize their Glory and Divinity that they are Goddesses.

    Thank you very much, your Strength is speaking Truth , more than a
    Brave Beautiful Woman a



    1. Marcel, you’re so welcome. As I now walk in the power of my strength, embracing the Crone goddess is feels like wearing a custom made glove and I hope to show that to other Crones ready to heed the call of wisdom. ❤


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