What Does The Changing Season Have To Do With Sex?

Although my favourite time of the year is the summer — I was born in July and NEED to feel that golden energy ball in the sky as much as possible, plus everything’s bright and lush and you get to wear cute light clothing — my biggest personal breakthroughs have occurred during the dark seasons of autumn and winter.

I can now see that I’ve been literally shedding energetic soulskin to reap the wisdom I’ve absorbed in order to face the shadow/darkness with strength, ready to be renewed again.

Like there can be no dark without light, no spring without autumn, no planting without harvest, no birth without death, the changing of the seasons is a natural cycle of life. We don’t question it and accept it for what it is.

So being as we are part of Mother Nature, what society has the right to question our substance?

In the system as it has been for many centuries, Wise Women have seldom been given any consideration of worth. Instead, the emphasis has been on youth and beauty in terms of sexuality. Think about it: we are constantly bombarded thousands of times a day with advertising to conceal the character of our faces and bodies, and to compare ourselves to someone else’s ‘ideal’, which makes most women of our age susceptible to the marketing of expensive anti-aging creams that poison our bodies and don’t work, hormone replacement therapy or ‘pink viagra’ that also poison and/or plastic surgery that maims.

Bringing Sexy Back

Well, I know many women over the age of 45 who are embracing their sexiness because they are finally choosing to love the bodies they are in and not comparing themselves to the conditioned ‘ideal’. Plus they have life experience and wisdom.

There is still beauty and allure to be found in your changing form, and the way we choose to response to the current stereotypes of ageing will have a massive impact on body image and beauty for future generations.

So isn’t it about time we make wisdom sexy?

The system would rather you hide in the shadows, having ‘served your purpose’ if you are a mother, and accept your fate of waiting until you receive a pension that will see you through until you die because society says that’s how it is.

Life is a process of growing and being a Crone Fashionistas is no exception.

In fact, I’ve grown more in the past three years since my 50th than I did in the previous 25!

If getting older wasn’t a process of growing, the world would be run by a group of babies (it could be argued it is now run by a group of adult babies, but that’s another subject altogether 😉 .

Our ‘second adulthood’ has begun.

Are you with me? Let me know in the comments, I love to connect!



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