This Is Why You Are Like Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant has a harsh, tough and prickly exterior, but it contains an inner goodness where all its myriad of nourishing properties reside.

And just as the awesomeness of the aloe vera plant lies on its inside, so does the awesomeness that lies within you.

Your protective, tough (and perhaps prickly) outer layer is what has gotten you this far in life.

You’ve fought battles that have drawn your precious blood and have the scars to prove it.

You’ve cried many tears on your knees through the hurt your heart has experienced, but you’re still standing.

You’ve developed your thick skin through your ego’s determination to survive your exterior reality. This tough outer shell, the layer of you that people see, they call “your strength”. The development of this protective exterior — or your “soulskin” — has also given you the experience needed for arriving at this chapter in your life as a Crone Fashionista.

Surrender To Your Messy Goodness

However, just like the aloe vera plant, your real strength lies in the soft, messy and gentle exquisiteness of what lies beneath the exterior.

For now it is your soul you feel, screaming from within its wild urge to be the leader in your life in all its perfect imperfectness.

Your soul now desires to take charge and demote your ego with all its limiting beliefs, fears, undefined boundaries, perfectionist and people pleasing behaviour. Your soul, in all its compassionate goodness, now yearns to be in the driving seat of your life, knowing that surrendering to feeling what the ego can’t explain is a big part of the process.

Your soul is now expressing to be liberated from the limitations of your soulskin so that it can do its good in the world.

Like the myriad of ways in which the goodness of aloe vera lies in the exquisite messy ooze of its gooey centre, the greatness within you is fostered through unleashing the compassion of your exquisite soul:

  • To feel your confidence and lessen the power other people’s criticisms now have over you;
  • To alleviate the suffering and pain of yourself and others;
  • To surrender to the inspiration of your soul to leave its mark in the world, for this is the feeling you were born with.

Remember that you are not your soulskin, which accessorises itself in feelings of shame, resistance, guilt, fear, self-sabotage and doubt.

Your soul is divinity wanting to feel its place in a reality that makes it difficult for you to say what needs to be heard, but still you carry on regardless to vocalise your message because the Crone Fashionista within you has a sacred purpose to share her wisdom with the world.

You now know that yours is the only path you are here to walk.

Don’t wait for permission to do so.

With love,



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