Why It’s Time To Put Your Soul Swag On

Welcome to Crone Fashionistas, a new community for beautiful souls over 40 who choose to accept and embrace the change of life with love in order to indulge in the wisdom of their exquisite souls — or what I like to call Fashion for the Heart.


Crone Fashionistas stands for using fashion as a physical manifestation of your soul’s expression;

Crone Fashionistas stands for expanding your wisdom, in whatever way you choose to express it, to serve yourself and others in a mindful and loving way;

Crone Fashionistas stands for honouring and using your intuition to live life more from the heart;

Crone Fashionistas stands for respecting the natural process your body is going through and living more confidently in it;

Crone Fashionistas stands for giving yourself permission to trust in the emotions that you feel, which are an important part of your spiritual journey;

Crone Fashionistas stands for choosing to live life the way you want to with a conscious awareness of compassion in the choices you make…

And that’s all before breakfast!


Calling All Crone Fashionistas

Crone Fashionistas is a calling to you to obliterate the shackles of your heart and yield to your wisdom.

Crone Fashionistas is a vision, a movement, a safe place to express yourself and to:

  • Look Good
  • Feel Good
  • Have Fun and
  • Be Heard

So are you ready to rejoice in your true potential by putting your #soulswag on?

Reply ‘YES I’m ready’ in the comments below to get the conversation going.

I’m here to hear you — with love! 💖



Picture credit: @advanced.style


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AKA The Thought Shifter, Author, Speaker, Mentor

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